miami auditoriumsWDG can also help you set up your auditorium; if you have a need to let one person or a small group address a larger audience. In order to engage them, you need to be heard and seen, and you probably need both audio and video assists – video clips to make a point, or a computer presentation to engage the audience.

In order to be able to address a large group of people in a large auditorium there are 3 main points that must be addressed.

The first would be a good audio and microphone system so that your message can reach each individual clearly and without effort.

Next would be a good video projection system that is bright enough and focused enough so that the people in attendance can easily see your message without getting distracted by an out of focus or improperly installed projector.

The last point that would be needed to run a successful large group meeting would be its control; the entire system has to be simple enough that anyone can use it. Many of these large group functions include a guest speaker or host which means they will need to be able to run the system without requiring any additional tech support.