Whether you are building a new home or condo or updating your current home, Winslow Design Group can help you decide on what type of speakers work and look best for your home.

We carry some of the most well reviewed and technologically impressive speakers available on the market today. We can set up a a pair of floor standing audiophile speakers for you in the living room where you watch and listen to the majority of your music and movies while using discrete in wall or on wall speakers for the rest of your home.

Maybe you prefer not seeing any speakers at all so that your home can maintain a clean modern look; we can do that too.

Floor standing:

Floor standing speakers are usually the most purchased form of speaker for a true audiophile. These speakers allow for bigger, higher quality components that help increase the quality and range of whatever it is you are listening to.

In-Wall / In-Ceiling:

In wall/ceiling speakers are by far the most purchased type of speaker out of the 3 shown here. In wall speakers can be installed anywhere throughout your home without compromising space or design. In wall speakers can be used as part of a whole house audio system to give you ambient music while entertaining or as part of a surround sound system for your living room.

Bookshelf/On Wall:

Bookshelf speakers have the option of either being placed on a shelf or stand as well as being installed on the wall. These types of speakers are usually used as rear speakers in a surround sound system or they are used in a  situation where in walls are not an option (concrete walls, etc..)