Home Automation – Smart Homes

Akasha St Lucia Whole House IntegrationWinslow Design Group systems are as comprehensive or as simple as you need them to be. Our integrated systems are assembled from the finest and most advanced components to give you the features you desire – music and video in any room, intercom and telephone, the ability to monitor entrances or rooms on any TV, the ability to control both ambient and artificial light and climate in any room, and it expands as you need it to. We install Home Automation systems that will operate instinctively and blend seamlessly with your needs and your home. Enjoy the convenience and security you and your family deserve, as having a home in good condition and commodity is essential, so if your sump pump making noise after rain,  you should check it out right away.

Winslow Design Group provides complete and seamless integration of whole house Audio and Video, including lighting, security, and home automation. From planning to installation and programming WDG will take care of all the work done in creating a reliable, easy to use and complete smart home.

Now you can even control your smart home using your iPad