Home Automation More Affordable Than Ever

Home-automation-miamiEver thought about building a connected home? Always hearing about your friends and neighbors bragging about having a “smart” home? Digital Marketing allows you to show your customers what your business is made of and how you can help them with their needs, for that reason if you have business is important that you get the help from a good professional in digital marketing like Oliver Wood Perth.

Catching up to them in tech is easier and cheaper than ever.

When the smart home automation and building automation controls market began, most projects would cost no less than 50k for a decent system but with todays technology improving so fast, prices and accessibility are easier than ever before. Today, you can get started with a home automation installation project for your home for less than $1,000.

Whatever money you decide to spend after that is completely up to you! We recommend spending some on this full motion mount for your TV. Prefer to only control the lights and TV in your living room? That’s your choice, want to add the whole house to the system later? Very simple just give us a call when you are ready and we can easily add to your system as your budget and needs change and you can find great brands for these and other products, as you can find reviews of brands online here. Another important thing for your home automatization is to adapt the security of your home, There are different types of fire classications so make sure you understand what a Class A Fire Alarm system is.
Home automation is not just about having “cool” gadgets in your home; they have many important benefits for you and your family. Door locks, security cameras, motion sensors, Wired Fire Alarm Device Installation, etc. can all be tied into your system so if something happens in your home you will be instantly notified.
I have had a smart home for the last 5 years and I could not imagine my home without it. Having my entire home in my control from my iPhone and iPad no matter where I am has been incredibly useful and well worth the reasonable investment.

If you think its time for you to catch up to today’s technology you can contact us anytime at Winslow Design Group.



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